Prabowo, interrupted

But more importantly, I want to highlight what Prabowo did so far after the quick counts’ results are in:

1. Lashing out at a journalist (okay, that was before quick count, but still). CHECK.

2. Boasting on Twitter that he’s the winner. CHECK.

3. Blaming the media. CHECK.

4. Complaining to the President about what Jokowi has done (boo-hoo). CHECK.

5. Blaming the quick counts. CHECK.

6. Claiming that his quick counts are the REAL one. CHECK.

Now, are you sure (really, really, REALLY SURE) you want this emotional guy to lead this country, people? I thought you are DONE with emotional leader like Yudhoyono. So why replacing him with another one?


“Helen Sparingga Mental Institution for Hasbeens and Wannabes? Yes, I have a potential patient for you.”

For you guys who are not familiar with this joke, please check out this inactive website dedicated for Indonesian celebrities with outrageous fashion sense. It’s a running gag, actually, as you can see in this post or this one.


Most of the patients at the Helen Sparingga asylum are celebrities who have gone mad after their effort certified as epic fail and thus in desperate need for reality check.

Gosh, I really hope the place does exist.

Why? Glad you asked. Because I think our beloved Prabowo Subianto has really gone mad. Literally.

hell yeah

After quick counts such as CSIS-Cyrus’ network’s showed that Joko “Jokowi” Widodo won the election, Prabowo took it on his verified account to post what I called ‘disturbing…

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