12 Kota Terpadat di Dunia

12 Kota Dengan Populasi Terpadat di Dunia!!!

Mumbai (India) – 13.92 Juta Jiwa

Mumbai, India

sumber gambar : disini Shanghai (China) – 13.83 Juta Jiwa

Shanghai, China

sumber gambar : disini
Karachi (Pakistan) – 12.99 Juta Jiwa

Karachi, Pakistan

sumber gambar : disini
Delhi (India) – 12.25 Juta Jiwa

New Delhi, India

sumber gambar : disini
Istanbul (Turki) -11.37 Juta Jiwa
Istambul, Turki
sumber gambar :disini
São Paulo (Brazil) – 11.03 Juta Jiwa

Sao Paulo, Brasil

sumber gambar : disini
Moscow (Rusia) – 10.50 Juta Jiwa

Moscow, Rusia

sumber gambar : disini
Seoul (Korea Selatan) – 10.45 Juta Jiwa

Seoul, Korea

sumber gambar : disini
Beijing (China) -10.12 Juta Jiwa

Beijing, China

sumber gambar : disini
Mexico City (Mexico) – 8,84 Juta Jiwa

Mexico City (Mexico)

sumber gambar : disini
Jakarta (Indonesia) – 8,50 Juta Jiwa

Jakarta Indonesia

sumber gambar : disini
Tokyo (Jepang) – 8.3 Juta Jiwa

Tokyo, Jepang

sumber gambar : disini dan disini
In the small town of Kamikatsu, 370 miles from Tokyo, Japan, residents are working towards a goal of zero waste by the year 2020. Recycling of household waste has reached a staggering 90%, including home composting.
Tokyo, Jepang
sumber data : disini

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